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Tulip Bojangles 20 per package

Tulip Bojangles 20 per package

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Tulip Bojangles is a delightful single early tulip that promises to charm garden enthusiasts. This brand-new addition boasts beautiful white petals adorned with mauve pink flames, creating a striking contrast of colors. With its bright and vibrant blooms, Tulip Bojangles is reminiscent of its sister variety, the beloved Tulip Flaming Flag.ย  Single Early tulips are not very tall so make sure you plant the bulbs in front of the mid to late blooming tulips.ย  Considerย ย planting with other early varieties of tulips and narcissus.ย  Easy to grow these tulips are a favourite among gardeners.ย ย 

.Height: 35cm
Bulb size 12

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