Collection: Crocus

Crocus are low-growing plants from the iris (Iridaceae) family and mark the arrival of spring! These early bloomers can often be seen peeking up through the snow. What a wonderful sight to see! They naturalize well, which means they spread and come back year after year. Plant multiple varieties to get a bounty of colour. Crocus are easy to grow and require little maintenance. The biggest problem with crocus is the bulbs getting eaten by critters โ€“ squirrels, rabbits, chipmunks, etc. If this is a problem in your garden, try laying down chicken wire or spreading Hen Manure as a deterrent. Their native habitat is fairly diverse and includes meadows, scrubs and woodlands. Most species are quite petite and grow four to six inches tall. Crocuses are one of the first pollen sources available to bees in early to mid spring. Create a pollinators paradise in your garden!