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Crocus Flower Record (large flowering) 50 per package

Crocus Flower Record (large flowering) 50 per package

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Crocus Flower Record  is a purple with a pale white throat. Dutch Hybrid crocus, also known as Large flowered hybrids or Crocus vernus, boasts a rich cultivation history, being one of the best-known and widely grown crocus species. This perennial corm produces large, cup-shaped flowers that are brightly colored, giving rise to numerous cultivars. Its grass-like leaves add to its charm.  Blooms at least 2 weeks later than the snow crocus.

These crocuses naturalize by corms and readily multiply. They serve as essential early to mid-spring pollen sources for bees. Be advised to net or protect the corms from squirrels, as they enjoy this treat.

Height: 12 cm
bulb size  9+cm

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