About Us

Dear valued customers and flower bulb enthusiasts, 

Meet Caroline de Vries, the visionary behind Flowerbulbsrus.com, your beloved online flower bulb haven. With over thirty years of experience as a Landscape Architect, Caroline's passion for creating planting plans ignited her journey into entrepreneurship.

Caroline's love for flower bulbs extends beyond mere sales; she aims to enrich your garden experience by carefully curating top-quality bulbs. By planting these bulbs, you can extend your garden's blooming season by four to six weeks, starting as early as March in eastern Canada.

What sets Caroline apart is her dedication to offering a collection that reflects horticultural expertise, seasonal awareness, and diverse customer preferences. Each bulb is meticulously chosen to ensure a flourishing and breathtaking garden for every customer.

Moreover, Caroline champions sustainability, with many bulbs attracting bees and butterflies, making Flowerbulbsrus.com an eco-conscious choice. Her personalized approach ensures every customer feels connected to the flower bulb-loving community, whether through informative content, helpful service, or handpicked recommendations.

Caroline's unwavering dedication and love for the natural world have transformed Flowerbulbsrus.com into a thriving online haven. She is not just a plant seller but an artist with a colour palette, as seen in her breathtaking work showcased below.

Happy Planting!