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Eranthis cilicica 50 per package

Eranthis cilicica 50 per package

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Eranthis cilicica is one of the many cultivars of Eranthis hyemalis, commonly known as Winter Aconite.  This bulbs is one of the earliest bulbs to bloom in spring.

Belonging to the buttercup family (Ranunculaceae) and native to Asia Minor and Europe, this plant features charming small flowers reminiscent of tiny buttercups. The bulbs are very small, and to make any kind of impact on the landscape, hundreds should be planted. The solitary, yellow cup-shaped blossoms are framed by vibrant green bracts resembling a collar, showcasing six petals and numerous stamens and pistils at their center. With its early bloom and distinctive appearance, the winter aconite adds a cheerful touch to the garden landscape.

Height: 5cm
Bulb Size 5+ cm

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