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Tulip Super Parrot 20 per package

Tulip Super Parrot 20 per package

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Tulip Super Parrot blooms are pure white ruffles flushed with pale green.  The flowers are exceptional large, truly super-sized in nature..  You should be aware that it is not super tall. 

Parrot tulips are renowned for their flamboyant and exotic appearance.   Each bloom is a masterpiece of nature, with its unique twists and turns creating a wonderful and colourful display in the garden. The parrot tulips are late bloomers.  Consider planting with late varieties such as  tazetta narcissus Cheerfulness, Camassia Leichtlinii Caerulea, or a early blooming allium such as Allium Nigrum.

Ht: 35 cm

Bulb size 12cm+

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