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Narcissus Dick Wilden 10 per package

Narcissus Dick Wilden 10 per package

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Narcissus Dick Wilden stands out as a wonderful large narcissus variety, boasting double bright yellow flowers adorned with a deeper-coloured corona. With its bold and vibrant blooms, this variety adds a cheerful splash of colour to any garden landscape. Introducing this planting with a bright orange tulip such as Lightning Sun or Ballerina would complement Dick Wilden beautifully. For some extra drama, consider adding Tulip Paz to the mix, creating a captivating display of colours and textures in your garden.

Double narcissus are truly fabulous with all their frills, boasting robustness and fragrance in most varieties. These eye-catching mid-season bloomers are bred to have strong stems capable of holding their voluptuous large flower heads. Blooming at least two weeks later than early narcissus varieties, they offer a prolonged flowering period. Consider mixing Narcissus Pink Charm with Delnashaugh and Ice Follies with Ice King for a harmonious display of narcissus over a span of four weeks in the same area. To maintain the freshness of your planting, be sure to remove spent single early flowers regularly.

Height: 45cm
Bulb Size: 14/16cm

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