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Narcissus Actaea 10 per package

Narcissus Actaea 10 per package

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Narcissus Actaea is a member of the "poeticus" or small cupped division.  Its large petals are pure white and in the centre of the flower a very tiny yellow cup rimmed with orange.  This flower carries a delicate scent and blooms later than others. It's also a time-honoured variety in the garden, with a long history. Lovely in combination with narcissus Stainless and tulips Hermitage and Jimmy.

If narcissus bulbs are planted in a sunny location with well-drained loamy soil, this variety will surely impress.  It's recommended to remove spent flowers and allow the leaves to wither naturally, ensuring the bulb receives essential nutrients for next year's growth. In mid-May to June, after flowering, it's optimal to fertilize and water if the soil is dry to ensure successful blooming next year. Narcissus plants are resilient against deer, rabbits, and rodents. 

Height: 45cm
Bulb size:14/16cm

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