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Tulip Finola 20 per package

Tulip Finola 20 per package

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Tulip Finola takes center stage as a magnificent double late tulip, towering slightly above Angelique with its larger blooms, sure to enchant any garden enthusiast. This new and improved variety not only surpasses Angelique but also boasts better health, making it the prime choice for your garden. Its double flowers display a mesmerizing interplay of colours, transitioning from the palest pink and white to deeper shades of pink, occasionally accented by flashes of green on the outer petals.ย 

The late double varieties are prized for their lush, peony-like blooms often resembling roses or peonies.ย  They are a relatively compact making them suitable for small spaced or mixed plantings with other varieties of tulips and narcissus.ย  Easy to grow these tulips are a favourite among gardeners looking for elegance and beauty to a spring garden.ย ย 

Height: 40cmย 
Bulb size 12+cm

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