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Tulip White Triumphator 20 per package

Tulip White Triumphator 20 per package

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Tulip White Triumphator is an exquisite variety known for its elegant white blooms and tall stature, making it a striking addition to any garden or floral arrangement. "It's a classic." Thirty years ago, the trend in Toronto's high-end gardens was to mix two different varieties, such as the elegant Lily variety White Triumphator and the bold single late Tulip Queen of the Night, blooming simultaneously to create dramatic displays.ย  Now the trend in these gardens are all white.ย  Plant this lily variety with tulips Maureen, Vincent van Gogh and narcissus Cheerfulness.

The Lily flowered tulip are a delightful variation of the classic tulip, renowned for their graceful, slender blooms that resemble the elegant form of a lily.ย  With long pointed petals that curve outward and often display a gentle twist.ย  These tulipsย elude a sense of sophistication and graceful allure.ย ย 

Height: 60cm Bulb size: 12cm+

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