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Tulip Strong Gold 20 per package

Tulip Strong Gold 20 per package

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Tulip Strong Gold stands out as a prime example of robustness among solid yellow tulips. With its primrose-yellow exterior adorned with subtle orange flames and a luminous canary-yellow interior, this variety exudes vitality and warmth. As a Triumph Tulip, it is renowned for its resilience and suitability for forcing, making it an excellent choice for both garden displays and indoor arrangements. Why not plant with tulips Memphis and narcissus Flower Parade.

ย Triumph tulips are a popular class of tulip and know for there classic tulip shape and prized for their strong sturdy stems, vibrant colours and mid-season blooming.ย  The tulips are also valued for their long-lasting flowers and are excellent for cut flowers.ย  Easy to grow and low-maintenance, triumph tulips are a favourite choice for both beginner and experienced gardeners alike.ย ย 

Height: 50 cm Bulb size: 12+cm

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