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Tulip Menton 20 per package

Tulip Menton 20 per package

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Tulip Menton is known for its elegance presences, showcasing large flower heads atop tall, graceful stems.  The flowers display a captivating coral-pink hue with subtle orange blush gracing the outer edges of its petals.  A quintessential addition to any perennial garden.  Mix Camassia, and tulips Queen of the Night and Maureen.

Single Late Tulips, also known as Cottage single late tulips or French tulips, are renowned as some of the latest bloomers among tulip varieties.  They put on a vibrant display of colours in late spring, standing out when many other tulip varieties are already finished blooming.  They often are seen blooming along side early peonies and beard iris. This group of tulips is characterized by its tall stature, with large elegant large flower heads adorning long stems.  Plant Camassia's and early flower Alliums such as Purple Sensation of Nigrum with this particular variety of tulip.

Height: 65cm
Bulb size: 12cm+

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