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Tulip Sylvestris 20 per package

Tulip Sylvestris 20 per package

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Tulip sylvestris, also known as the Woodland or Florentine Tulip, has gracefully naturalized in forests and meadows across Europe. Its charming nodding buds on delicate stems unfurl into elegant golden blossoms, emitting a fragrance reminiscent of violets.

Specie tulips are often referred as wild tulips, share characteristics similar to how they grow in their natural habitat.ย  ย The specie variety of tulips have relatively smaller blooms on shorter stems compared to their cultivated counterparts. Specie tulips are diverse in blooming times. There are theย  very early, Pulchella Violacea, to mid season flowering Dasystemon Tarda.ย ย Excellent at coming back each year if left undisturbed,ย  Ideal for rock gardens and boarder plantings.ย 

Height: 30 cmย 

Bulb size 6cm+

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