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Tulip Power Parrot 20 per package

Tulip Power Parrot 20 per package

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Tulip Power Parrot is a stunning late-blooming variety, showcasing hues ranging from dark fuchsia to magenta-pink, with delicate green and purple flushes that extend to the tips, occasionally accented by a hint of white.  Pairing this mesmerizing tulip with Tulips Queen of the Night and Vincent van Gogh adds a dramatic flair to any garden landscape. The rich, deep colours and unique textures of these varieties create an enchanting visual display, sure to captivate all who behold it.

Parrot tulips are renowned for their flamboyant and exotic appearance.   Each bloom is a masterpiece of nature, with its unique twists and turns creating a wonderful and colourful display in the garden. The parrot tulips are late bloomers.  Consider planting with late varieties of tazetta narcissus, camassia or a early blooming allium such as Purple Sensation.

Ht: 45-50cm

Bulb size 12cm+

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