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Narcissus Triandrus Thalia 20 per package

Narcissus Triandrus Thalia 20 per package

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Narcissus Triandrus Thalia enchants with its timeless elegance, boasting recurved white petals that eludes a classic charm.  Each stem bears  2-3 small graceful white trumpet  flowers, emitting a delightful fragrance that adds an extra layer of allure to any garden setting.  Thalia is a favourite among landscape professional for its often planted for its understated elegance.  Blooming mid season it is a perfect variety to combine with mid season blooming tulips such as Triumph and Darwin varieties. Another lovely combination is layer Thalia with Muscari.   

Botanical narcissus are perfect for rock gardens or smaller spaces.

Height: 30cm 
Bulb size 14/+

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