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Narcissus Tahiti 10 per package

Narcissus Tahiti 10 per package

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Narcissus Tahiti stands as one of the most dependable choices for any garden, renowned for its excellent performance year after year. This variety generously produces a bounty of bright yellow blossoms, each adorned with striking red-orange ruffles, adding a vibrant pop of colour to any landscape. The flowers are supported on very sturdy stems.ย  Tahiti is veryย  popular amongst the landscapers.ย  A great combination is to plant Tahiti with tulips Orange Emperor, Lightning Sun and hyacinth Gypsy Princess.ย  Look out spring!

Double narcissus are truly fabulous with all their frills, boasting robustness and fragrance in most varieties. These eye-catching mid-season bloomers are bred to have strong stems capable of holding their voluptuous large flower heads. Blooming at least two weeks later than early narcissus varieties, they offer a prolonged flowering period. Consider mixing Narcissus Pink Charm with Delnashaugh and Ice Follies with Ice King for a harmonious display of narcissus over a span of four weeks in the same area. To maintain the freshness of your planting, be sure to remove spent single early flowers regularly.

Height: 45 cmย 
Bulb size 14/16cm

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