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Narcissus Dutch Master — 10 bulbs

Narcissus Dutch Master — 10 bulbs

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Narcissus Dutch Master has surpassed the old variety King Alfred as the most cultivated narcissus globally.   Its large, bright yellow flowers with long trumpets match those of its predecessor.  As a herald of spring, its blooms unfurl in early spring, continuing the tradition of adorning landscapes far and with wide with cheerful burst of colour.  Add a touch of blue by adding Hyacinths Blue Jacket and Springfield to your plantings. Narcissus Goblet is also a nice addition in combination with Dutch Master.

If narcissus bulbs are planted in a sunny location with well-drained loamy soil, this variety will surely impress.  It's recommended to remove spent flowers and allow the leaves to wither naturally, ensuring the bulb receives essential nutrients for next year's growth. In mid-May to June, after flowering, it's optimal to fertilize and water if the soil is dry to ensure successful blooming next year. Narcissus plants are resilient against deer, rabbits, and rodents. 

Height: 50cm
Bulb size: 14/16+cm

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