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Narcissus Cassata 10 per package

Narcissus Cassata 10 per package

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Narcissus Cassata - Split and ruffled cup starts out lemon yellow and fades to white. Base are flat white petals.

Split-Corona Narcissus, commonly known as Butterfly Narcissus, is a remarkably fancy variety of narcissus. What distinguishes this narcissus variety is the split-cup (corona) that lies flat on the top of the outer petals, a departure from the more traditional form. This unique feature offers a fresh perspective and adds a new dimension to your spring garden. With abundant ruffles and a vibrant array of sunny flower colours, including lemon, peach, and deep orange, these blooms will infuse your landscape with a burst of excitement. Blooming in the mid-season, this mix combines elegance and charm,ย  Combine with mid to late blooming tulips.ย ย 

Height: 40cm
Bulb size: 14/16cm

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