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Muscari latifolium 50 per package

Muscari latifolium 50 per package

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Muscari latifolium boasts striking two-tone flowers, with dark blue at the bottom of the spike and bright blue caps adorning the top bells. Its leaves are distinctively upright, wider, and more linear compared to other Muscari varieties. Additionally, it stands out as one of the taller options among Muscari cultivars, adding height and visual interest to garden displays.

Muscari commonly known as grape hyacinths, adds a charming and vibrant touch to gardens with its various shades of blue and whites.ย  Its compact stature and graceful flower spikes make it an ideal candidate for edging along pathways, framing boarders, or accenting the base of taller plantings ofย  mid season blooming tulips and double and botanical narcissus.ย  Like other bulbs it requires sunlight and well drained soils.ย  The flowers attract bees and butterflies by producing abundant pollen and nectar.ย ย 

Height: 18 cm
Bulb size 6+cm

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