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Hyacinth Pink Pearl 10 per package

Hyacinth Pink Pearl 10 per package

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Hyacinth Pink Pearl, an heirloom variety, showcases beautiful deep rose-colored blooms that emit a highly fragrant scent. Renowned as one of the world's best pinks, it excels both indoors and outdoors.

Hyacinths, also known as Dutch or common hyacinths, are prized for their early blooming nature, often cultivated both outdoors and forced for indoor displays. Available in a wide array of colors including pinks, blues, whites, yellows, soft oranges, purples, and reds, these flowers are renowned for their superlative fragrance. They pair well with early narcissus varieties such as Dutch Master or Watch Up. Ideal for planting in rows, clumps, or borders, it adds charm to any landscape.

Interestingly, hyacinths are one of the few bulbs that must be planted by hand in fields, ensuring they're positioned tip-up to avoid blooming sideways. For landscape purposes, it's recommended to opt for smaller bulb sizes like 15/16 cm, as larger bulbs produce larger flowers that will may topple over with heaviness of the rain. Bees are particularly attracted to their early blooms.

Height: 25cmย 
Bulb Size: 15/16cm

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