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Fritillaria Imperialis Aurora 3 bulbs per package

Fritillaria Imperialis Aurora 3 bulbs per package

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Fritillaria imperialis Aurora captures attention with its striking large orange bell-shaped flowers, crowned by glossy foliage, creating a captivating display in any garden.  Crown Imperial as it is commonly known  is an impressive plant that grow's 90 -100 cm in height.  Each large bulb produces a sturdy tall stem and at the top of each stem there is a  crown of fragrant  large drooping  bell shaped flowers.  Another name often used to refer to describe the fritillaria is Skunk Lily.  Similar to lily bulbs the fritillaria bulbs should be planted sideways to prevent the stem hole from collecting and trapping water that could cause bulb rot.  Early blooming the fritillaria prefers to be planted in well drained loamy soils and in full sun.  Deer and rodent resistant.

Height: 90cm
Bulb Size: 24+cm

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