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Crocus tomm. Ruby Giant (species) 50 per package

Crocus tomm. Ruby Giant (species) 50 per package

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Crocus tomm. Ruby Giant is a robust variety hailing from The Netherlands, flaunting broad ruby-purple petals. Like all crocuses, it exhibits the fascinating trait of opening and closing depending on the presence of sunlight.  Snow Crocus, also known as Species Crocus, emerges as the earliest blooming variety among crocuses, typically appearing around two weeks before larger flowering types. These bulbs are simple to plant and reliably return each year, gracing gardens with one of spring's most cherished flowers. To safeguard them from squirrels, it's crucial to protect the bulbs with netting. Snow Crocus thrives in full sun to partial shade.

Height: 10 cm bulb size: 5+cm

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