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Chionodoxa Luciliae Alba 50 per package

Chionodoxa Luciliae Alba 50 per package

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Chionodoxa Luciliae Alba has white, star shaped flowers. They are great for rock gardens and boarder plantings.

Commonly referred to as "glory of the snow" this bulb is one of the earliest bulbs to bloom in spring.  These hardy carefree bulbs are excellent for naturalizing in the garden and will multiply easily if left undisturbed.  You may think 50 bulb is a lot for a small garden but it is not.  Plant in small groups of ten, 8 cm deep and 8 cm apart or buy hundreds and scatter all about your garden beds and just push into the loosened soil.  A suggested planting combination is to combine with Scilla's and Puschkinia.  One of the earliest blooming bulbs in the spring and known for attracting bees.. Full sun to part shade

Height; 12cm
Bulb size: 5cm+

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