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Amaryllis Nymph 1 per package

Amaryllis Nymph 1 per package

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Amaryllis Nymph sounds like a stunning variety of the Amaryllis plant, known for its large and striking flowers. The heavily white-petaled flowers with blush pink stripes add an extra touch of elegance and charm to its appearance. With its strong stem, it not only supports the weight of the flower but also adds to its regal presence.ย 

Hippeastrums, commonly known as Amaryllis are popular indoor plants adored for their gorgeous flowers.ย  The Amaryllis requires minimal care.ย  Just make sure to place the pot close to a sunny window, rotate the pot to ensure that the stem grows upright and water once a week.ย  After the Amaryllis is finished flowering cut the stems off by the base.ย  Leaves will appear.ย  Continue to water once a week.ย  Once the threat of frost has passed, Amaryllis can be transitioned outdoors into the garden or kept in pots throughout the season.ย  Regular feralization can help support their growth.ย  As the first frost approaches and the leaves begin to wilt from the cold, trim off all the leaves to the base and bring the bulb indoors.ย  Let the bulb remain dormant (no watering) for about 4-6 weeks before repotting can encourage future blooming.ย ย 

Please note: Amaryllis ship in October / November.

Height : 50-65 cm
Bulb size: 34/36cm (top size two - three stems)

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