All About Narcissus

Narcissus (common name Daffodil) can planted just about anywhere in sun or partial shade. They are also the best bulbs known for naturalising. There are hundreds of varieties available.


One flower per stem and the trumpet is at least as long as the petals. Height is anywhere from 25-40cm, early season blooming. Trumpets come in a variety of colour combinations. Popular varieties include Dutchmaster and Mount Hood.


One flower per stem and the cup is more than one third the length of the petals. Height ranges from 40-45cm. Popular varieties are Carlton ( excellent for naturalising ), Ice Follies, Pink Charm.


Small cupped narcissus have one flower per stem , the cup is less than one third the length of the petals, and height is about 45cm. Barret Browning, Actaea, & Recurvus are all example of small cupped narcissus.


Double Narcissus have one or more flowers per stem, and more then one ring of petals. Height is from 40-50 cm. They come in a huge range of colour combinations and shades. Tahiti and Dick Wilden are super popular varieties. Try Obdam – new for 2020 – for a beautiful pure white double. We have been told by customers that White Lion is one to try as it has a beautiful scent of gardenias.


Several flowers per stem, smaller flowers with short cups and rounded petals. Height 45cm. Tazetta narcissus have a beautiful scent  – try Geranium, Cheerfulness & Yellow Cheerfulness.


One flower per stem ; the the corona or cup is split. Also commonly called Butterfly narcissus. Very showy, Orangery is a favourite . Try Apricot Whirl & Congress both new for 2020.


Botanical narcissus are smaller and perfect for rock gardens and borders. There is a wide variety of colours , bloom times and heights available.