All About Misc. Bulbs


Small black rhizomes that need to be soaked overnight in water before planting. The traditional colour is blue although they are also available in white and pink . 12cm in height and early blooming.


Easy to grow, providing a nice accent in your garden. Plant in irregular drifts for the best effect in an area where they can be left undisturbed as they will rebloom next year. Bloom in June.


Very early blooming, in blue, white and pink. They will self seed and rebloom next year.


The large varieties grow 3-4ft tall and are best planted at the back of the garden. Bulbs are very fragile, plant them on their sides so that the hole does not fill with water. The smaller meleagris is more suitable fro the front of borders, rock gardens, or for naturalising in grass.


Reticulata are dwarf iris which grow approximately 15cm tall. They are very early blooming. “Eyecatcher” is a variety that was created by a Canadian breeder.


Muscari is a great filler bulb – there are many varieties, and they are perfect planted among tulips or daffodils.


Scilla, Eranthis, Galanthus, Puschkinia are all early blooming varieties , all early signs of spring. All are great for naturalising.