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Waxed Amaryllis Gold-Red Flower 1 per package

Waxed Amaryllis Gold-Red Flower 1 per package

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The Dutch innovation of dipping Amaryllis bulbs into wax, eliminating the need for watering, has now found its way to Brazil.   The waxed amaryllis on offer is grown in Brazil. Just place the waxed bulb by a window, on a desk, or a table, and witness the mesmerizing growth of the plant without any soil or water required. What's particularly intriguing is that regardless of the colour of the wax, the flowers that bloom from these bulbs are all a striking shade of red. This novel approach to cultivating Amaryllis has become a popular holiday gift choice, offering both novelty and convenience as recipients delight in watching the flowers emerge and flourish from the bulbs, all without the need for traditional care methods.

The transparent tube container offers a chic and modern presentation, allowing the Waxed Amaryllis  to be showcased effortlessly. It arrives fully prepared for display and enjoyment, eliminating the necessity for any extra packaging or wrapping.

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