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Tulip Back Packer 20 bulbs per package

Tulip Back Packer 20 bulbs per package

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 Tulip Backpacker is boasts a captivating violet-purple hue.  This newer variety offers an upgrade from the old favourite Lilac Wonder, boasting improved health and resistance to diseases. With strong sturdy stems, its flowers span an impressive 8-10 cm, making for a beautiful and bold display in the garden.  When designing your spring garden, consider the delightful combination of planting Tulip Backpacker alongside Tulips City of Vancouver and Lorenzo, as well as Narcissus Kapiti Peach. This blend will create a harmonious and visually captivating floral display.

The late double varieties are prized for their lush, peony-like blooms often resembling roses or peonies.  They are a relatively compact making them suitable for small spaced or mixed plantings with other varieties of tulips and narcissus.  Easy to grow these tulips are a favourite among gardeners looking for elegance and beauty to a spring garden.  

Height: 45cm
Bulb size: 12cm+

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