Bees & Butterflies Yellow Collection ( 50 per bag)


Bees, bumblebees and butterflies need pollen and nectar from early spring to late autumn. For good health and sufficient resistance , a varied menu is very important. By planting these mixtures in your garden or in pots you extend the garden season from late spring to late summer. Did you know ? Flower shape determines which flower an insect is attracted to. For example, butterflies have long rolling tongues which allow them to get nectar from some flowers a bee cannot access. Flower colour also plays a role.  Bees are especially attracted to white, yellow and blue flowers, whereas butterflies prefer purple. Stripes and dots also indicate nectar to the insects.

YELLOW COLLECTION contains Crocosmia George Davidson, Dahlia Yellow Sneezy, Gladiolus Yellow, Allium moly

Flowers late spring to early autumn

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