Narcissus (daffodils) along with tulips, are one of the most popular springtime flower bulbs. They are long-lived, have long lasting blooms and thrive both in the garden and in pots. They grow well in containers which makes it easy to add instant beauty to porches, patios or small urban gardens. Check out our video – The 5 Minute Container. There are several different flower styles, including trumpets, doubles, split-cups and large-cups. They are easy to plant and maintain and offer a huge variety – there are over 25,000 Narcissus cultivars! Daffodil bulbs are not fussy about soil. They are happy to grow almost anywhere as long as the soil is not soggy. Narcissus do best in full sun and with plenty of light even after flowering. At least a half-day of sunlight is needed to produce enough energy for next year’s bloom! Happy gardening!

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