Happy Customers Picture Gallery

A very happy flowerbulbsrus customer!

My lovely garden – Narcissus Full Throttle!

Gillians show-stopper amaryllis! Gorgeous!


A wonderful, peaceful location. My Garden Hall in Toronto.
Trudy from Toronto loves her Tulip Garant.
Nicola from Oakville showcasing:
Spring green, Queen of night tulips & Camassia leichtlinii.
Ron and Mary’s beautiful amaryllis arrangement. Stunning!
I love this colour combination. A very happy customer! Carol from Toronto.
Vicki from GTA showcasing her stunning garden landscape with Narcissus Goblet.


So many beautiful blooms! Sarah from Guelph loves her Amaryllis Minerva.
A beautiful & inviting tulip arrangement by Lina from Mississauga.
Brenda from Orangeville showing the beautiful blooms on her Amaryllis Minerva.